life is...

life is... beautiful

Sorry zaaz, I am really bad when it comes to explain. It’s not like I support government ke x tp I explained what I’ve learned.

Minyak naik. Hmmm. Kita org y bljr economy mmg x mmprtikaikn bnda ni. It’s hard to explain. Sana sini org ckp psl minyak naik. Kita org? Oh minyak naik. Mcm tu je. Bukan ape tp kalau bljr mesti tau. Serious.

People will never understand why I love them. Some people say I can’t have 15 best friends. They said it’s not best friend. No! They’re wrong! They will never know what I’ve been through with them. It really does feel like it was just yesterday.

I’m so sick of the economy right now. And I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me. It’s like I study for nothing.

Enough babbling about the economy!

Saya just nak A solid je untuk paper economy kali ni. Tak A+ pun x pe. Saya just nak kekalkan prestasi saya yang saya tak pernah kecewa dengan paper economy since form 5. Saya nak tunjukkan dekat abah yang saya ni lagi layak ambik economy dari banking. Tolonglahhhh…

난 배고파. 난 어떻게~

Sebab aku stress study aku kacau kau. Hahaha. Sorry

Go to hell with your sorry

Memang kalau orang pandai ni kawan dengan orang pandai je ke? Dia orang boleh ke pilih2 nak kawan dengan sape? Why is life always complicated?

Is it okay to hate ourselves?

Neomu eoryeweo

I only have 50 cents how I’m going to live?

When they’re encouraging me to study… perhaps they didn’t know that I’ve so many ambitions in my head. Of course I also want to be the gabenor of bank negara. I also want to be a dealer, remisier, technical analyst, researcher. It’s all about investment 📊📈📉💹


"Spiritual Inspiration" by Eddie Lluisma

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"Spiritual Inspiration" by Eddie Lluisma

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